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Who is Vidy Baby ?

Vidy Baby: A Brand That Considers Nature and Your Family

Özdem Tüketim Malları San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti, baby diaper and wet We are proud as one of Turkey's leading companies in towel production. 2004 In this journey that we started in 2017, we aim to maintain our leading position in the sector and move forward. We are working determinedly to go.

200 million babies per month with our state-of-the-art machines and continuous control systems. We have a production capacity of diapers and 10 million packs of wet towels. technological infrastructure Our support and environmentally friendly approach ensure the quality and price performance of our products. This allows us to better respond to consumer demands.

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Your Baby's Comfort is Our Priority

Vidy Baby is at your service with baby diapers carefully designed by prioritizing your baby's comfort and health! The elastic side bands in our product provide a perfect fit without restricting your baby's freedom of movement. The cottony surface gently touches your baby's sensitive skin, preventing itching and irritation. The extra green layer protects your baby's skin in a breathable way, while the silky back surface increases your baby's comfort. Thanks to its leak-proof side barriers, it offers the highest level of protection at all times. Additionally, thanks to the super absorbent layer, your baby's skin always remains dry and healthy.

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The sensitive skin of our babies are natural treasures that require care and attention. Providing the best options for cleaning and protecting them is one of the most important duties of a parent. With this awareness, the cottony soft textured wet wipes we specially produce surround your babies with love.

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